The great and powerful

Power. What a scary word. People give me funny looks when I tell them that I like power. I guess the first thing that comes to mind is someone like Trump or tyrannical dictators. Mind you; I grew up in a country run by dictators, so I guess that might explain a little bit why I like power.

I always thought that people by instinct love power, and seek power at every level. People oppress each other just to feel superior. Based on race, gender, sexual identity…etc.
When I observe people in my home country, I see that dictators seek power over the entire population, men seek power over women, and women seek power over their children (even when they’re adults).

So can you blame me for loving to have power? You sure can, but let me explain a little bit the what and the why. So you can get a different perspective on the subject.

Have you ever told yourself: “Oh man, I wish I had enough power to change —” fill in the gap, it can be as small as a process in the company you’re working in, or as big as resolving conflict in the middle east. Then you want power too. The difference between you and me maybe is that I actively seek it. I don’t want to have power to control people. I want power to free myself from conformity, from any form of authority and to change things around me. I would like to illustrate my point with some things that I was told in the past.

The high school boy:

To give you some context, my sister is in her late 30s and is not married. No big deal right? At least it shouldn’t be. I remember when I was in high school I was a straight-A student, dedicated to gaining knowledge to empower myself for the future. There was this boy who used to sit at the table behind me. He used to ask me: “ Why are you studying so hard, you’re not gonna need all of this. You’re wasting your time. You’re going to get married anyway and stay at home to cook and clean, or don’t you want to get married? Do you want to become a spinster like your sister?”

I wish that were the minority’s way of thinking. But it isn’t. My brother told me one day that I shouldn’t pursue a career when I finish my university studies, he wished for me to get married and take care of my future children. Some girls told me that they’d happily drop out of school to get married and stay at home.

My society tried to disempower me and the many women around me at a young age. by creating a future for us where we will always rely on someone else to provide for us.

The religious coworker:

Big elections, everybody talking politics, who’s going to win. However, we knew that the elections would be rigged anyway. One woman was running for president, all the others are men. The company driver was taking us to the office like every morning. And I suggested that the woman running has a pretty decent programme. And my coworker to reply: “I don’t think she should have run for president. People shouldn’t vote for her”. I naively asked why. Expecting a rational answer. He replied: “Because our prophet said that God damns the people that are ruled by a woman. I’m not sure, God knows.” Again, this is not the minority’s way of thinking.

This is the kind of environment that I grew up in. I can give endless examples of people trying to disempower me. And damn right I love power, I unapologetically seek power and all things that I am not supposed to love/seek. And wherever you are, whatever your beliefs are. If this offends you, a friendly reminder: your values are yours, not mine. And I am under no obligation to subscribe to your value system. Same goes for you as long as you don’t get in my way.

Empower yourself, and write back.

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