The voices

“I preach darkness. I don’t inspire hope—only shadows. It’s up to you to find the light in my words.”
― Charles Lee

I went there, once, twice, I don’t remember how many times. It was confusing and disorientating, hurtful at times. But I wanted to explore it. I went there, and I saw darkness. So I lit a candle, in the hope that it would light up the whole place. But that place was huge. It would need all the candles in the world to be brought back from the darkness.

In that darkness, I saw the marvels of the universe, all the wonders in one place, all the colours that exist and don’t exist in the physical world. I saw things as complex as the planets and the stars and as simple as a falling leaf in autumn. I went there, and I was afraid of losing my sanity, but what does it mean to be sane when I already know that no one is. At least no one who visited that place.

There was a big forest; it had trees everywhere. Tall trees, small ones. They had different colours, a rainbow of trees. I saw the tallest tree in the world there. It was majestic, but it seemed like it was about to fall and crush me, I tried to keep a distance from it, but somehow I thought it was the safest spot in the entire place, that it would protect me. I am still not sure if it’s one or the other, is it going to protect me, or is it going to kill me? It cannot be both. It can be both, of course it can, this place is so strange, things in it are strange and behave strangely.

I wondered further, at the risk of being lost. I found a small village with huts everywhere. I got closer and saw weird creatures, they looked human, but they weren’t, I am not sure what made them non-human, I couldn’t put my finger on it. They started coming towards me, they surrounded me and started whispering things to me. I thought that they were friendly at the beginning, but then they started saying horrible things about me, things that I believed were true. Or maybe they were not. I couldn’t tell the truth from the lie. I wasn’t scared, I didn’t feel threatened, but I felt a deep sadness and hurt. Eventually, they left, back to their houses, but their echoes stayed, and I kept hearing them. So I decided to leave the place and go back home. And the voices stopped. I was relieved, I was out of that horrible place with horrible people saying awful things. And I felt much better and happier. I had dinner, went to bed, and had a great night sleep. I woke up in the morning and started hearing those voices again, they followed me.

Look beyond the surface, and write back.

P.S: I wasn’t under the influence of any substance when writing this.

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