What if we are all replicants

Photo by h heyerlein on Unsplash

What if Blade Runner is the story of the inception of humanity. Forget about Adam and Eve, The seven days creation story (Or was it six?). Religion is wrong. Forget also about the big bang, and evolution. Science as we know it is a lie.

In the real version, God is a mad scientist, but not as crazy as their creation “the human”; we first started as a toy for children. Then we evolved and eventually got out of control.
So they threw us in a galaxy far far away, So far that we think we’re the alone in this universe. They abandoned us like a baby at the door of an orphanage; they didn’t even have the decency to slip a note with our name on it.
A “miracle” happened, and we were able to procreate, now we’re really out of control, and in significant numbers, like cockroaches.

Back to the present. We’re trying to create our artificial intelligence, and maybe history will repeat itself, and we’ll abandon our replicants on another planet, and they would think they’re alone. They would believe they are the only ones in the universe; they would try to communicate with us. We will see their messages, but we won’t reply.

Some of them will call us God and would worship us and even kill in our name -Although we don’t have one name, we have billions of names-. We’ve written the lines of codes that constitute their brains. That code would control Their past, present and future. So I guess we are gods in some way.

Some of them will deny our existence; they would think that they did it all by themselves, that they’re the smartest creatures that ever existed. Are those less or more likely to discover that they’re engineered? That they are the puppets and that we are the masterful puppeteers?

They would have an existential crisis and try to understand what makes them human and what is their purpose in life. Little they know that the only reason they were created was to entertain us. We were bored, and we wanted to prove that we are smart, so we invented them. They’re not here to achieve a higher purpose or to make their world a better place. They’re here for no valid reason. I wonder how much time would it take them to come to that realisation. Would they finally stop torturing themselves and accepting life for what it is? Or will they repeat history and try to create their artificial intelligence and abandon it somewhere in the vast universe?

If this cycle repeats itself, again and again, an infinite number of times, will there be enough room in the universe for all of us? According to what we call “science” the universe is expanding. So we’ll be fine.

Write back, and repeat.

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